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Voices from the Assistive Technology Field

Hear what assistive technology experts Penny Reed and Kelly Fonner have to say about each phase of the AT Cycle. If you would like to view the videos with closed captioning, please make sure you have the caption option turned on in your media player. 

Consider AT

Choose and Trial AT

Implement AT

Monitor Progress

MATN Technovators’ Residency Program

MATN Technovators’ Residency program is a new initiative to recognize exemplary educators, providers, leaders, and parents who are doing innovative, creative, and leading work in the infusion of technology to meet the needs of diverse learners.  From Assistive Technology to Universal Technology for Learning, Technovators gives a forum for these shining stars to share their practical expertise on how they are using technology, what considerations do they make when selecting technology, and advice can they offer to others who want to follow their lead.

To learn more: MATN Technovator Series

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