Who is Eligible for Early Intervention Services?

Infants and toddlers (under age 3) are eligible for early intervention services if they exhibit at least one of the following: A 25 percent delay, using a child’s adjusted or chronological age, as measured and verified by appropriate diagnostic instruments and procedures, in one or more of the following developmental areas: Cognitive development Physical development, […]

Preschool Curriculum

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), responsible for early care and edcuation programs throughout the state, has updated its state – recommended list of early childhood curricula for child care centers, Head Start programs and nursery schools. The selected curricula now include: Robert-Leslie – InvestiGator Club (ages 3,4, & 5) Frog Street Inc. – […]

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Developmental Milestones

There are a wide range of behaviors that can be considered “normal” in terms of reaching certain developmental milestones. Knowing what to expect from babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can help families know what to look for and what to do to help their children. “Early learning guidelines can be a valuable part of a comprehensive […]

Self Esteem

Positive self-esteem is as crucial for children as a balanced diet. It’s what helps them meet the challenges of the world head on and protects them when that head gets boinked. Check out these tips for getting that self esteem up!

Ahead of Time – The Building Blocks

CASE STUDY: Mr. Bergen teaches History and Geography at Laurel Middle School. And his school began using PBIS at the start of the school year, now, he’s beginning to see some good results with his students.

Early Learning

Children’s early years are full of excitement and change, as they start developing and learning from the very moment they are born. This is just as true for children with developmental delays and disabilities as it is for their more typically developing peers. Over the past decade, advances in brain research have provided great insight into how the brain continues to grow and develop.