Early Childhood

DSE/EIS Action and why it is Important in early childhood

Differentiated Framework

Each Local School System and Public Agency serving children and youth with disabilities is unique, and their needs for general supervision and engagement from the DSE/EIS vary greatly depending upon numerous factors.

Tech Tools – Autism

Individuals with autism tend to experience greater success with computer-based learning than traditional face-to-face situations. The strong visuals, clear cause-and-effect logic, and lack of social-interaction play to the typically inherent strengths and needs of students with autism.

Tech Tools – Deaf-Blindness

The Braille Sense U2 is a communication system device for deaf-blind users and features vibratory feedback, integrated connectivity with common-audio amplifications systems, and a built-in brailler.

Alerts, Trends, and Interventions

Forums for Special Education Leaders in Maryland series focuses on a variety of emerging trends and topics that affect education leaders at all levels.