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Online IEP Learning Modules

These modules integrate evidence-informed content with technology to provide an interactive experience for adult learners. Participants will learn new information, apply their learning, and finally assess their understanding through the unique features of the modules.

Targeted Strategies – Special Education

Whether you are a special educator or a general educator, pretty much all educators now work with at least some students who have documented educational disabilities. So it can be a great help to have some knowledge about the different educational disabilities and about some of the targeted strategies that you can use to work […]

Effective Family and School Communication

Effective communication is an essential part of working with the professionals helping your child. These links and resources provide helpful tips for establishing positive communication between educators, care providers, school administrators, and families. Steps to Success: Communicating with Your Child’s School is a CADRE guide designed to help parents better facilitate smooth communications between parents and […]

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PLI 2014 Spotlight Video

Learn all the ways educators are working to close the gap for students across Maryland.