Learning Links Profile: Abila Tazanu M.D.

Abila Tazanu M.D. has a unique perspective on the daily challenges and long term triumphs of all parents with kids on the autism spectrum. It is an insider view that she is using to change the way children with developmental disabilities are screened. Her passion makes sense. Doctor Tazanu is not only one of Prince… Continue Reading Learning Links Profile: Abila Tazanu M.D.

Targeted Strategies – Special Education

Whether you are a special educator or a general educator, pretty much all educators now work with at least some students who have documented educational disabilities. So it can be a great help to have some knowledge about the different educational disabilities and about some of the targeted strategies that you can use to work… Continue Reading Targeted Strategies – Special Education

Directories and Support Groups for Families with Disabled Young Children

There are several organizations and agencies that provide support services for families of young children with disabilities.  MSDE’s Special Education and Early Intervention Services Division provides the following directories: Child Find Directory Local Infants and Toddlers Program Directors Local Infants and Toddlers Programs: Single Point of Entry Preschool Special Education Coordinators Local Family Support Network,… Continue Reading Directories and Support Groups for Families with Disabled Young Children

Developmental Milestones

There are a wide range of behaviors that can be considered “normal” in terms of reaching certain developmental milestones. Knowing what to expect from babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can help families know what to look for and what to do to help their children. “Early learning guidelines can be a valuable part of a comprehensive… Continue Reading Developmental Milestones