Expert Advice

We spoke with Sue Murray, the Transition Coordinator at the Hannah More School, about a wide range of important issues around transition. Here is part of the interview that is focused towards families.

At the Point of Transition

Graduating from high school and moving on to college, trade school or work is a busy and exciting time for all students and families. For students with disabilities, though, this period can be filled with many additional questions about the future.

Transition To Go

We understand that good educators are not in front of their computers all day long – you do actually work with students! So here are a couple of resources that you can print out and take with you to IEP meetings and planning sessions. Questions to Answer During the Transition Process: questions you and the student’s […]

Transition: Entitlement Versus Eligibility

When your child moves on to the next phase of life, your child’s legal status will change. According to the federal IDEA (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), your child now moves from the stage of Entitlement to the stage of Eligibility. Here’s where we explain the difference.

Federal Laws and Resources

Here are some of the most significant Federal laws relating to Special Education and children and adults with disabilities.

Transition: The Laws

Legal rights are laws written by the government to help protect people, reduce barriers and ensure equal opportunity for all citizens.