Meet Capri Brown

Meet Capri Brown and learn about how his experience at the Transition Education at Carroll Hospital (TEACH) program has made a difference in his life! Programs like TEACH help students of all abilities experience employment.


K-12 Career Explorer

The K-12 Career Explorer is an activity planner based on the Maryland Career Development Framework. Designed for parents and teachers with children from pre-K through 8th grade, this tool provides a wide range of activities to help even young students plan for the future.

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Expert Advice

We spoke with Sue Murray, the Transition Coordinator at the Hannah More School, about a wide range of important issues around transition. Here is part of the interview that is focused towards families.

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At the IEP Meeting

Some issues you might want to address when meeting with your IEP team.

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Follow Up at Home

It is essential to keep an organized, up-to-date file for your child’s education plan. Here’s a list we made of things that you should include.

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Transition: Life After School

As an educator, it’s something you think about a lot. How are you going to help your students make progress? How are you going to help them make the transitions they need to make in their lives?

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At the Point of Transition

Graduating from high school and moving on to college, trade school or work is a busy and exciting time for all students and families. For students with disabilities, though, this period can be filled with many additional questions about the future.

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Transition Planning through the Years

Planning for future employment, education and independent living is a major task and cannot be started and completed in the senior year of high school – for anyone.