Expert Advice

We spoke with Sue Murray, the Transition Coordinator at the Hannah More School, about a wide range of important issues around transition. Here is part of the interview that is focused towards families.

Transition: Work, College and Self-Advocacy

Whether a student is going right from public education to employment or to college, the single most important tool in making the transition between the years of entitlement to the years of eligibility is self-advocacy.

Transition 101

The goal of Transition Planning and Services is simple: go from school to college, work and community. The steps to plan and reach that goal can appear challenging. Transition 101 is here to break it all down and help you get started.

Especially For Young Adults

If you are a young adult with a disability, you are probably used to having lots of people making decisions for you. Do you get to be a part of the big decisions? You should.