A screenshot of the second page of the UDL DIY Activity.

UDL DIY Activity

This DIY activity allows educators to explore CAST’s UDL Guidelines through an easily assembled wheel. Simply print the PDF, cut out both layers of the template, and attach as shown with a round safety pin.


Rx for Teacher Burnout

Regardless of the roles they assume, teacher leaders help shape the culture of their schools, districts, states, and nation. They influence the practice among their peers, impact the profession, and most importantly, work to improve student learning.

Professional Learning Institute 2014

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services(DSE/EIS) lead the 2014 Professional Learning Institute focused on The Power of What’s Working: Spotlight on Results. The 2014 institute completed the sequence of Statewide universal leadership learning opportunities that began in 2011: Year One – 2011: The Power of Innovative Leadership Year […]

Professional Development Links

These resources can help you learn more about professional development for your, your teachers, and your staff.

Customizable Course Content

Through a Maryland State Improvement Grant (MSIG) III grant, Goucher College, Graduate Programs in Education, developed five online courses for special education preparation throughout the State.

Leadership and Professional Development

As a school leader, your job is to promote learning for all of your students. Most educators agree that the quality of a school’s teachers is the key variable in determining the learning that happens within the school. But for students to learn, teachers must be learning, too. And that is where we see a […]

Facts about Stages of Professional Development

The Stages of Professional Development serves as a tool for self assessment and monitoring a teacher’s growth in implementing instructional practices that are effective with students with disabilities.