MSDE seated around a table, including Marcella E. Franczkowski, on a Disproportionality Work Session

Franczkowski Leads Workshop to Address Educational Equity

The Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services held a two-day work session in May to develop the content for tools to assist Maryland’s local school systems as they address disparities in education based on race or ethnicity for students with disabilities. 

Working with children with autism

Training Videos for Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute developed a series of online training videos to provide classroom tips and practical strategies for working with students on the autism spectrum. See the library of videos covering topics such as sensory supports, communication needs, helping victims of bullying and harassment, legal issues around school removal, and addressing behavioral challenges.

Improving Students’ Lives by Engaging Their Minds

Principals at schools in Baltimore and Dallas believed they could transform students’ lives and improve academic performance by trying strategies that changed the way students engaged their brains.
The novel approaches worked.

Seven Tips to Bring Your Innovative Educational Program Into More Schools

Many of the workshops at BrainFutures 2017 focused on innovative solutions to problems and gaps in schools. But why haven’t these already been implemented en masse? The “Advancing Strategies to Improve School Outcomes” workshop addressed this question of how to channel scientific advances into improvements in schools.

Picture of presenter

Successfully Closing the Achievement Gap Using Neuroscience

Teachers work long and hard hours to create lesson plans that engage and effectively teach every child in their classes. However, each individual child’s success depends on more than just a great lesson plan: Their neurological development and their socioeconomic status can heed their ability to perform at grade level.


Rx for Teacher Burnout

Regardless of the roles they assume, teacher leaders help shape the culture of their schools, districts, states, and nation. They influence the practice among their peers, impact the profession, and most importantly, work to improve student learning.

Classroom Management

Classroom management has always been the toughest part of teaching for me. When I entered the classroom after four years of training in elementary education, I was overwhelmed. No matter how carefully I planned a lesson, I was daunted by the idea of engaging 28 active second graders all at the same time.