Children's Mental Health Matters! A drawing with a yellow background depicts a net reaching for a butterfly beneath the words "Your Struggle is part of your story!"

Children’s Mental Health Matters! May 2018

Children’s Mental Health Matters! is a Maryland public awareness campaign that highlights the importance of children’s mental health. The campaign features more than a week of events, workshops, media, outreach, and other awareness-raising activities during Mental Health Month. Continue Reading Children’s Mental Health Matters! May 2018

Because It Matters

Because It Matters

The Division for Early Childhood on the Council for Exceptional Children’s Because It Matters page provides a brief introduction to the benefit of all children learning alongside their peers regardless of ability. The site also provides important key points and data that supports the practice of natural and inclusive learning opportunities. Visit the website at

Learning Links Profile: Deborah G. Badawi, MD

Transitions aren’t always easy. The question of how you help a child move from the sheltered world of childhood and adolescence to the world of independent adult life is a struggle for all parents. If you have ever tried to teach your teenager how to do laundry you’ve gotten a glimpse into the difficulty of… Continue Reading Learning Links Profile: Deborah G. Badawi, MD

Early Learning Organization Partnerships

The Maryland Early Childhood Mental Health Project: The major goals of the project are to help children remain successful in their current child care placement and to be able to enter school ready to succeed. The vast majority of children served through this project are able to remain in their current child care settings, change… Continue Reading Early Learning Organization Partnerships