The Main Idea: Special Education Teacher Shortages

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The special education teacher shortage existed well before this and continues to this day. As any special education administrator can tell you, having to hire and place unprepared and qualified personnel in schools is likely to cause harm to the special education students these personnel serve.

-Not everything that counts can be counted and

32 Essential Life Skills That You’ll Never Be Required To Test, But Should

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How often do you notice what has your attention? In particular, what has your attention when you are assessing children? For example, when you are completing a statewide assessment, or collecting day­ to­ day data, what has your attention? Is it whether or not children know their colors? Can count? Can rhyme? How about if […]


Rx for Teacher Burnout

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Regardless of the roles they assume, teacher leaders help shape the culture of their schools, districts, states, and nation. They influence the practice among their peers, impact the profession, and most importantly, work to improve student learning.


The Main Idea

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What does “I am a professional” mean and why is it important? Over the years as a professional special educator, I came to appreciate the critical significance of developing strong diverse career-oriented special educators grounded in professionalism, and the belief that the quality of a child’s learning depends most heavily on the professionalism of the […]

Dan Martz

Game Changers in Action – Dan Martz

Dan Martz is the Director of Special Education and Psychological Services for the Frederick County Public Schools. In recent years, Frederick County has greatly improved its teaching and services for students with disabilities.


Game Changers in Action – Ann Spakowski

Ann Marie Spakowski is the Director of Special Education for the Harford County Public Schools. We had a wide-ranging conversation with her around transition and some of the reasons for her county’s great success with their Special Education students

Putting Leadership Into Action: Technology

Just as you cannot change your school’s culture – or anything else about your school – on your own, neither can you alone, change the way your school uses technology.

Workers working under the eye of executive

Leadership to Go: Teacher Evaluation

You have many roles in teacher evaluation, but one of the most essential is that you must work to create a collaborative school culture. A collaborative school culture is the foundation for more ecient and eective teacher evaluation.