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Tech for Tikes

Tech for Tikes is a new tool created by the Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education (CTE) that is designed to help parents and teachers quickly identify a variety of apps designed to stimulate learning during the preschool years.

Putting Leadership Into Action: Technology

Just as you cannot change your school’s culture – or anything else about your school – on your own, neither can you alone, change the way your school uses technology.

UDL Case Study: Instructional Materials

UDL CASE STUDY: Prior to learning about UDL, Ms. Donaldson used print materials (books and handouts) and lectures and discussions as her primary instructional materials. Now she wants to take a more UDL approach to choosing the materials for her unit.

UDL Case Study: Assessments

UDL CASE STUDY: Once Ms. Donaldson has planned her goals, instructional materials and instructional methods, she still has to determine how she can bring the UDL approach to her assessments. In the past, she has typically used written tests (multiple choice and essay) and short typed papers as her main assessment tools.


Since our world is so technology-driven, it is, of course, imperative that your students know how to use it. Technology can be a great teaching and learning tool for all subjects, including the core subjects that every student must learn, and for all students.

UDL in Your Classroom

It is important for you to understand the basis and the context of UDL, but what is most relevant, of course, is how you can use UDL in your classroom. In this part of the site, we use a case study to look at ways you can apply UDL in four main areas of a […]