An African American teacher provides specially designed instruction to a student sitting at a desk in a diverse classroom

Specially Designed Instruction

Specially designed instruction, defined by IDEA as “adaptations to the content, method, or delivery of instruction,” is the foundation of special education.

IEP learning modules screenshot - an open book with paper cutouts of a family in front of a house.

Online IEP Learning Modules

These modules integrate evidence-informed content with technology to provide an interactive experience for adult learners. Participants will learn new information, apply their learning, and finally assess their understanding through the unique features of the modules.

Children working together on project.

Engineering the Classroom for Success and Positive Outcomes

If the idea of a classroom with a grid of desks occupied by a group of nearly identical children who sit in silence while the teacher stands before the board speaking is not your ideal, then you’re already on your way to creating a class room for diverse learners. Soon you won’t even be thinking […]

Targeted Strategies – Special Education

Whether you are a special educator or a general educator, pretty much all educators now work with at least some students who have documented educational disabilities. So it can be a great help to have some knowledge about the different educational disabilities and about some of the targeted strategies that you can use to work […]

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RtI) seeks to ensure students get the support they need as soon as a weakness is identified.

Response to Intervention Explained

Response to Intervention can be based on a problem-solving model which has been used in many settings or a standard protocol approach.

Differentiated Instruction for Your Students

The “one-size-fits-all” approach asks students to adjust to the curriculum. Some students may not be able to do this because of a lack of readiness or prior knowledge; because the material is taught in a way that is not easily accessed by them; or for any number of other reasons…