School Wide Integration Framework for Transformation (SWIFT)

Maryland was recently awarded the opportunity to become one of four sites in the nation to participate in the School Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) project. SWIFT is a national K-8 technical assistance center committed to eliminating silos in education by bridging general and specialized education through academic and behavioral supports, creating powerful learning opportunities for all students and teachers, and promoting active, engaged partnerships among families and community members.

Tech Tools – Autism

Individuals with autism tend to experience greater success with computer-based learning than traditional face-to-face situations. The strong visuals, clear cause-and-effect logic, and lack of social-interaction play to the typically inherent strengths and needs of students with autism.

Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) are developed or adapted in a variety of formats (print, digital, graphical, Braille, audio or video) to enable all students the same opportunity to learn the equivalent information and engage in the same interactions at the same time.