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Requesting an Evaluation for Special Education Services for Your Child

If you wish to request an evaluation for your child, you must send a written request to the child’s principal or local special education administrator. If you need assistance writing a request for evaluation for your child, Maryland Learning Links has drafted a template for your reference.

Top 5 Questions to Ask an OT

Occupational therapists’ have a unique skill set to provide support and enhance your child’s participation in school. Their ideas can be applied at home to help with homework, self-care and other daily routines.

Targeted Strategies – Special Education

Whether you are a special educator or a general educator, pretty much all educators now work with at least some students who have documented educational disabilities. So it can be a great help to have some knowledge about the different educational disabilities and about some of the targeted strategies that you can use to work […]

Extended IFSP Option

Maryland’s Extended IFSP Option offers families the choice to remain on an IFSP beyond their child’s third birthday under these conditions.

Longitudinal Accountability Decision Support System (LADSS)

DSE/EIS, in cooperation with the Center for Technology in Education at the Johns Hopkins University, has developed the Maryland Special Education and Early Intervention Longitudinal Accountability Decision Support System (LADSS).

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of Assistive Technology consideration is to determine when a technology-based instructional strategy is a requirement for a student with disabilities to progress, regardless of the nature and intensity of the disability or the student’s educational pl