Newborn Hearing Screenings infant wearing headphones looks into camera

All About Newborn Hearing Screenings

Children who are Deaf or hard of hearing need strategies and supports to ensure they can access language, social interaction, and all areas of development. Early intervention is critical to their success. 

Small hearing aids in the palm of a person's hand with a one-Euro-coin for scale.

Maryland Hearing Aid Loan Bank

The Maryland Hearing Aid Loan Bank was created to provide immediate access to hearing aids to infants, toddlers, and children.

Better Hearing Speech Month

May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and the perfect time to evaluate your child’s technology use and establish, or recommit to, some healthy limits and habits.

Smiling deafness woman learning sign language and talking with her teacher

Targeted Strategies – Deafness

A list of effective strategies for working with children who have deafness or other hearing impairments, as well as some helpful resources.