Leadership To Go: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

We know that school leaders have little time to spare.  So we have created a set of “Leadership to Go”  professional development cards to help you.  Read the information below or print it out and you are ready to go whenever you want to share some information about creating a school vision. YOUR ROLE IN CURRICULUM, […]

Differentiated Instruction for Your Students

The “one-size-fits-all” approach asks students to adjust to the curriculum. Some students may not be able to do this because of a lack of readiness or prior knowledge; because the material is taught in a way that is not easily accessed by them; or for any number of other reasons…

The Importance of Family and Community

Parent involvement is one of the single most important factors in a child’s success in school. When parents and educators work together as partners, all children can thrive in school and in their lives after school.


Featured topics include ways that general and special educators can blend their knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities


Caroline County Choptank Community Health System Offers a full range of family practice, dental and pediatric services at 4 locations throughout the county. School based health services are provided at seven Caroline County schools in partnership with Caroline County Public Schools and Caroline County Health Department. 215 Old Town Road P.O. Box 122 Goldsboro, Maryland […]