Team-Based Cycle of Instruction

The Team-Based Cycle of Instruction (TBCI) is a six-step instructional delivery protocol that helps teachers better organize resources, keep momentum high, maintain a smooth lesson flow, and engage students, particularly those with special needs. during an instructional period.

Co-Teaching Part 2

Part two of a two-part video series exploring the key elements of truly collaborative co-teaching.

authentic assessment: a teacher assess a table of children, helping a young blonde boy in a red wheelchair with his work

Co-Teaching Part 1

Part one of a two-part video series exploring the key elements of truly collaborative co-teaching.

Co-Teaching Approaches

Explore different approaches to co-teaching during this video. Includes parallel teaching, station teaching, team teaching, alternate teaching and more!

eSchool News Today

eSchool News covers education technology in all its aspects–from legislation and litigation, to case studies, to purchasing practices and new products.  Check them out as a fantastic resource to stay current on all the latest ed tech trends, and how these innovations can help all students achieve their full potential.

Co-Teaching Links

Websites Maryland Co-Teaching Network Cooperating School Districts Other Resources Maryland’s Co-Teaching Framework Maryland Co-Teaching Reflection Tool Co-Teaching Framework and Reflection Tool Overview PPT Understanding the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework Building Leadership Team Training Provided by Dr. Cynthia Pearl – University of Central Florida, February 2005. (PPT) Some links open as downloadable PDF files: You can […]


Even before your child starts school, parents with older kids will begin telling you about “The Homework War.” Here’s a few pieces of advice to fight the Homework War and possibly make homework a fun and engaging experience.

Differentiated Instruction in Action

So how do you actually use differentiated instruction in your classroom? To begin, you need a deep understanding of your students and your curriculum; an awareness of how you can adjust your curriculum to meet the needs of your students; and an understanding of how you can use your classroom space to promote differentiated instruction