Helpful to Know: Strategies for Working with Children with a Visual Impairment

What are some effective strategies for working with children who have a visual impairment? Verbally and specifically narrate what is happening in the classroom at any given time so students always feel included Communicate with families and other professionals to share information and strategies Adapt activities to promote independence Provide multi-sensory, tactile, and experiential learning […]

Small hearing aids in the palm of a person's hand with a one-Euro-coin for scale.

Maryland Hearing Aid Loan Bank

The Maryland Hearing Aid Loan Bank was created to provide immediate access to hearing aids to infants, toddlers, and children.

little girl taking a selfie with smartphone in the shopping mall

Tech for Tikes

Tech for Tikes is a new tool created by the Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education (CTE) that is designed to help parents and teachers quickly identify a variety of apps designed to stimulate learning during the preschool years.

Apps for Preschoolers

Can it possibly be true that at one time we adults had to get up from our couches to change channels on our televisions? Or that every telephone was once tethered to a wall and that you usually had to share it with other people? Or that when you wanted to research something, you couldn’t find the answer right away (no Google!), but had to plan a trip to the library instead?