Get to Know – Rocco Aiello

Rocco Aiello, Coordinator for Adapted Physical Education and Corollary Sports, St. Mary’s County Public Schools. Talk to Rocco Aiello about his amazing journey as an Adapted Physical Education teacher and you soon discover that he is all about inspiration. In fact, Aiello is either inspiring children with disabilities to discover the joys and benefits of […]


Featured topics include ways that general and special educators can blend their knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities

Adapted PE and the Law

You do not need to be a lawyer to help your child or student receive Adapted Physical Education (APE) services they may need, it is essential that you understand the child’s legal rights.

In Practice

The four general ways that educators can adapt physical education along with some examples of each

Adapted Physical Education

Physical Education given this importance? The answer becomes clear when you consider that Physical Education promotes all of the following, Physical fitness and good lifetime habits centered around health and physical activity, Cognitive development and improved brain performance, Psychomotor/skill development, Self-esteem and confidence, Socialization skills