Webinars – Keep it Real: Make Way for (more) Authentic Assessment (PLO 2017 Resource)

Dr. Naomi Younggren presents on authentic assessment as means of identifying and enhancing young children’s natural and inclusive learning opportunities. The importance of functionality is highlighted. Download script Intro Download script for part 1 Download script for part 2 Download script for part 3 Download script for part 4a Download script for part 4b Download […]

authentic assessment: a teacher assess a table of children, helping a young blonde boy in a red wheelchair with his work

Authentic Assessment, Child Outcomes, and the Connection Webinars

This three-part webinar series from the Maryland State Department of Education Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services is about authentic assessment and how it eases and improves the Child Outcomes Summary process in early intervention and preschool special education.

MD Child Outcomes Gateway

The MD COS Gateway is a one-stop online resource that provides birth to kindergarten professionals with background, rationale, training, and supports to implement the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) rating process with fidelity across jurisdictions and programs.

Multi-State Alternate Assessment: Unpacking the Alternate Instructional Framework

Download the PDF of this document here. Autumn 2017 Unpacking the Alternate Instructional Framework The alternate instructional framework uses a triangle to illustrate three key interconnected parts: curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  At the base of the triangle is Communicative Competence, a set of behaviors that students must have to communicate what they know and to get […]