B-K System of Services

Maryland’s Birth to K System of Services for Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families – Legislative Booklet

Top 5 Questions to Ask an OT

Occupational therapists’ have a unique skill set to provide support and enhance your child’s participation in school. Their ideas can be applied at home to help with homework, self-care and other daily routines.

Online IEP Learning Modules

These modules integrate evidence-informed content with technology to provide an interactive experience for adult learners. Participants will learn new information, apply their learning, and finally assess their understanding through the unique features of the modules.

-Not everything that counts can be counted and

32 Essential Life Skills That You’ll Never Be Required To Test, But Should

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How often do you notice what has your attention? In particular, what has your attention when you are assessing children? For example, when you are completing a statewide assessment, or collecting day­ to­ day data, what has your attention? Is it whether or not children know their colors? Can count? Can rhyme? How about if […]

Measuring Up: Giving Feedback

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In part two of Measuring Up, Dr. Kristi Pretti-Frontczak discusses how adults give feedback to children and the impact it has on student assessment. Be sure to check back next week for part three which discusses effective tools for child led assessment. Dr. Pretti-Frontczak helps inspire educators re-invent early care and education from the inside out.  

Webinar Series

Webinar Series: Focus on IEP Chair Support This webinar focuses on the importance of developing an effective Present Level of Academic and Functional Performance (PLAAFP), Impact statements and the relationship between goals, objectives and specially designed instruction. Access the full presentation in a printable format here.

children and adult at preschool center

Welcome to the Birth – Kindergarten Evaluation and Assessment Module

This module addresses evaluation and assessment with regard to their definitions, purposes, legal requirements, best practices, and family partnerships through the lens of Maryland’s Birth to Kindergarten seamless, comprehensive continuum of services for children with disabilities and their families. Maryland’s Birth to Kindergarten evaluation and assessment system provides a reliable, valid, and coordinated approach to supporting families and […]