B-K System of Services

Maryland’s Birth to K System of Services for Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families – Legislative Booklet

The Whole Child: A Birth-to-5 Strategy

Having access to services is critical for all children preparing to enter elementary school. Funkstown School for Early Childhood Education in Hagerstown has taken a winning approach to supporting the whole child.


Testing Mistakes That Put Children at Risk (Part 6)

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Just as children are complex, so, too, are the programs that serve them. Early childhood programs vary in terms of staff, overarching mission, assessment tools used, sources that drive what children should be learning, the adopted curriculum, how progress and performance are measured over time, and the leadership and support providers receive.

Testing Mistakes That Put Children at Risk (Part 4)

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On a daily basis, I witness early childhood professionals and state leadership teams making decisions from assessment results. I hear people talking about how they will evaluate a teacher’s performance, whether or not children from a district are ready for Kindergarten, and if a program is meeting various quality indicators.

Early Childhood Community

Partnerships allow for shared knowledge, prevent duplication of efforts, and increased credibility in decision making. When families and early child care professionals partner the results are increased positive outcomes for children.