Early Learning Organization Partnerships

The Maryland Early Childhood Mental Health Project: The major goals of the project are to help children remain successful in their current child care placement and to be able to enter school ready to succeed. The vast majority of children served through this project are able to remain in their current child care settings, change […]

All Means All Framework

A framework developed around twelve key beliefs that reflect research as well as the values of educators involved in the development of the framework. These key beliefs set the foundation for and are aligned with the four areas of framework. This article will get you started!

Expert Advice

We spoke with Sue Murray, the Transition Coordinator at the Hannah More School, about a wide range of important issues around transition. Here is part of the interview that is focused towards families.

Early Childhood Community

Partnerships allow for shared knowledge, prevent duplication of efforts, and increased credibility in decision making. When families and early child care professionals partner the results are increased positive outcomes for children.

At the IEP Meeting

Some issues you might want to address when meeting with your IEP team.

Follow Up at Home

It is essential to keep an organized, up-to-date file for your child’s education plan. Here’s a list we made of things that you should include.

School Leader’s Role in School Vision

Some people think that a great school vision has to come from just one person – the school leader, the visionary; but, in terms of a school vision, your leadership involves just as much collaboration and team-building as it does ruminating on the future success of your school.

School Leader’s Role in UDL

Even if UDL sounds like the right approach for your school and your students, the question remains – How do you as a school leader implement it? Here are some steps to help you get started!