Team-Based Cycle of Instruction

The Team-Based Cycle of Instruction (TBCI) is a six-step instructional delivery protocol that helps teachers better organize resources, keep momentum high, maintain a smooth lesson flow, and engage students, particularly those with special needs. during an instructional period.

Co-Teaching Part 2

Part two of a two-part video series exploring the key elements of truly collaborative co-teaching.

Co-Teaching Part 1

Part one of a two-part video series exploring the key elements of truly collaborative co-teaching.

Co-Teaching Approaches

Explore different approaches to co-teaching during this video. Includes parallel teaching, station teaching, team teaching, alternate teaching and more!

Foundations of Special Education

This course includes an examination of the characteristics of exceptional students, their educational needs, their legal rights, and curricular and methodological models for teaching them.

Curriculum Design and Adaptation I

Principles of curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation and their role in addressing students with mild to moderate disabilities are explored.

Co-Teaching Links

Articles Understanding Co-Teaching Components Common Co-Teaching Issues Websites Maryland Co-Teaching Network Cooperating School Districts Other Resources Maryland’s Co-Teaching Framework Maryland Co-Teaching Reflection Tool Co-Teaching Framework and Reflection Tool Overview PPT Understanding the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework Building Leadership Team Training Provided by Dr. Cynthia Pearl – University of Central Florida, February 2005. (PPT) Co-Teaching […]

UDL Links

Explore a variety of resources that support understanding and implementation of Universal Design for Learning, and download professional development slides and activities that are useful in teaching others about UDL.

Parallel Teaching

Teachers divide the class into two heterogeneous groups and then each one teaches the same information to one group. While the content will be the same for both teachers/groups, the method of delivery can be different. What are the strengths and weaknesses?