-Not everything that counts can be counted and

32 Essential Life Skills That You’ll Never Be Required To Test, But Should

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How often do you notice what has your attention? In particular, what has your attention when you are assessing children? For example, when you are completing a statewide assessment, or collecting day­ to­ day data, what has your attention? Is it whether or not children know their colors? Can count? Can rhyme? How about if […]

All Means All Framework

A framework developed around twelve key beliefs that reflect research as well as the values of educators involved in the development of the framework. These key beliefs set the foundation for and are aligned with the four areas of framework. This article will get you started!

Educational Assessment Part I

This course included an examination and exploration of formal assessment instruments and procedures diagnosing elementary through secondary students who are experiencing mild to moderate learning problems. Communicating assessment results to parents and teachers is also emphasized.

Educational Assessment Part II

Further examination and administration of informal assessment instruments for diagnosing specific problems for elementary through secondary students will be explored.

Customizable Course Content

Through a Maryland State Improvement Grant (MSIG) III grant, Goucher College, Graduate Programs in Education, developed five online courses for special education preparation throughout the State.