The Braille Sense U2 is a communication system device for deaf-blind users and features vibratory feedback, integrated connectivity with common-audio amplifications systems, and a built-in brailler.  Additionally, the iOS app for apple devices (an Android version is under development) allows sighted individuals to use their common smart devices to communicate with the Braille Sense U2 user.  The software automatically translates the communications into the appropriate feedback system for the user. Click here for more information.

Other hardware and software supports for deaf-blind users include:

  • Phonak iCom is a device that pairs mobile phones with FM technology.  This works to amplify sound and provide alerts to the user.
  • Pocket SMS – uses both vibratory feedback and morse code to transform everyday touch devices into communication systems for those who are both deaf-blind.
  • California Deaf-Blind Services organization maintains a very helpful list of technology supports, from hardware to software and apps.  These are not always exclusive to deaf-blind users, but could benefit a wide range of individuals.

Visit the list of apps featured under deaf and hard of hearing and visual impairments, as well.

by The Johns Hopkins University School of Education Center for Technology in Education