Title screen of webinar presenation: Maryland's Early Childhood Intervention and Education System Personnel Standards

This webinar and Draft Personnel Standards Guide take a closer look at the new Personnel Standards for Maryland’s Early Childhood Intervention Education System. These standards are part of the State’s revised comprehensive system of personnel development to ensure a consistent base of knowledge by establishing a universal onboarding/orientation process along with an ongoing training plan for all personnel.

Leaders play a critical role in establishing the conditions for successful implementation of natural and inclusive practices that support children’s meaningful participation in everyday activities and routines. Completing the Personnel Standards will provide the foundation for all early intervention and preschool special education providers to implement the natural and inclusive evidence-based practices throughout the development, implementation, and evaluation of the IFSP and IEP processes, as well as the teaming and coaching practices essential to supporting the process. These new Personnel Standards are required for Early Intervention personnel and recommended for Preschool Special Education personnel.

Below are links to the webinar, a PDF version of accompanying slides, and a guide for your reference: