The Maryland Early Childhood Mental Health Project:

The major goals of the project are to help children remain successful in their current child care placement and to be able to enter school ready to succeed. The vast majority of children served through this project are able to remain in their current child care settings, change their behaviors significantly, and learn to regulate their emotions.

Head Start Collaboration
Since October 2001, MSDE has been charged with administering the Head Start grant and providing technical assistance in aligning Head Start services with those of early learning programs at public schools. Since July 2003, the state’s Head Start Collaboration Office has been housed at MSDE and can be reached at 410-767-0140. The Collaboration Office is currently working on a new project, entitled “Successful Linkages Between Head Start and Public Schools“. This initiative is designed to define the relationship between local Head Start programs and local school systems to coordinate services and improve school readiness among Head Start children.

Maryland Family Network

Maryland Family Network is the state coordinating entity that oversees the Child Care Resource and Referral Centers, assists families in locating high quality child care programs including an enhanced service for families of children with special needs or disabilities (1-800-999-0120), provides home visiting such as Healthy Families and the Family Support Centers statewide. Their work targets: improving early childhood education and development opportunities providing technical assistance and training to current and prospective child care providers promoting the establishment of child care programs and professional opportunities within the field helping working parents in need of child care providing enhanced locate child care services for families of children with special needs working with employers on work/family policy issues, or stimulating the supply of child care resources across the state.


The Judith P. Hoyer Partnership

Judith P. Hoyer Early Child Care and Family Education Centers, or “Judy Centers”, provide a central location for early childhood education and support services for children birth through kindergarten age who reside in specific Title I school districts across the state of Maryland. To achieve the goal of school readiness, Judy Center services and programs for young children and their families are typically available 10 – 12 hours a day and year round.

Judy Centers are unique because they promote school readiness through collaboration with community-based agencies, organizations, and businesses. This integrated approach promotes program and service delivery that is conveniently located in or near Title I schools, ensuring that young children who may begin school with readiness deficits are given opportunities to start their formal education on a level playing field with their peers.