Every parent wants the very best for his or her child. When you have a child with a disability, though, it can take some time and effort to find out what “the very best” – or more to the point, the very best for your child – actually is. That’s why we have put together this one-stop, growing collection of some of Maryland’s resources for parents of children with disabilities.

To help you focus on the exact area(s) where you would like to get help, we have broken these resources into the 15 categories. We will be continually updating these resource lists so you can be confident that you are always getting the most current information. And as you likely already know from your own experience, a little bit of knowledge can often help you and your child a lot. We hope these resources will prove helpful to you and your family.

Please note that this is an emerging list of organizations that may be able to offer services to your family. The Maryland State Department of Education is not endorsing any of these agencies.  If you have suggestions to add to the list, please send them to info@marylandlearninglinks.org.

Gifted and Talented Resources

Several national organizations offer advice and resources related to gifted and talented programs: