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Making Sense Episode 7: Fidget Tools

While fidget spinners and cubes are available in most stores, it’s easy to make different types of fidget toys at home using simple craft tools and everyday household items.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week Art Display with Marcella E. Franczkowski and First Lady Yumi Hogan

Marcella E. Franczkowski, Assistant State Superintendent, Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services, Maryland State Department of Education joined First Lady Yumi Hogan in recognizing Children’s Mental Health Matters’ student artists at the First Lady’s Art Display in Annapolis.

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Making Sense Episode 6: Weighted Stuffed Animal

Weighted blankets can promote calmness and focus for your child. They can also be expensive. Learn how to make your own inexpensive weighted stuffed animal or lap bag in this week’s episode of Making Sense.

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Making Sense Episode 5: Sleep Smoothie

Does it seem like you’ve tried everything to help your child sleep better at night? Mix things up with a “sleep smoothie,” a yummy, healthy dessert made with ingredients that can help your child fall asleep. Get the quick and easy recipe from this installment of Making Sense.

Helpful to Know: Strategies for Working with Children with a Visual Impairment

What are some effective strategies for working with children who have a visual impairment? Verbally and specifically narrate what is happening in the classroom at any given time so students always feel included Communicate with families and other professionals to share information and strategies Adapt activities to promote independence Provide multi-sensory, tactile, and experiential learning […]

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Making Sense Episode 4: Paint Sensory Bag

Painting doesn’t have to be a messy activity! This episode of Making Sense shows how to make a paint sensory bag you can bring anywhere for writing practice or colorful, squishy fun. Because it’s so easy and inexpensive to make, children can enjoy playing with several different bags and color combinations.

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Making Sense Episode 3: Pillow Cave

Everyone could use a cozy retreat to get through a difficult day. This episode of Making Sense offers the perfect portable solution: a cozy “pillow cave” made with items you likely already have at home. Check out the steps to make a pillow cave for children who feel overwhelmed, are frustrated, or just want to relax.

Marcella E. Franczkowski smiling at a baby held by another woman at the 2018 Garrett County We C.A.R.E. event.

Garrett County’s We C.A.R.E. Event – April 5, 2018

Marcella E. Franczkowski, Assistant State Superintendent for the Division of Special Education and Early Intervention Services at the Maryland State Department of Education, presented the opening guest speech at Garrett County Public Schools’ third annual “We C.A.R.E” event on April 5.

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Making Sense Episode 2: Oral Motor Exercises

In this week’s episode of Making Sense, Megan Lehman describes different strategies to help with oral motor skills. Lehman explains how various snacks can soothe oral input sensitivities and needs, and how fun activities like making edible necklaces, blowing balloons, and straw games improve oral motor skills.

Making Sense Episode 1: Homemade Light Box

Making Sense Episode 1: Light Box

Join host Megan Lehman as she demonstrates how to make a light box in the first episode of our new series, Making Sense.