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Self-Determination Survey

The Department of Special Education at Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities is looking for adults with any disabilities age 18 to 65 to take a quick online self-determination survey.

A screenshot of the second page of the UDL DIY Activity.

UDL DIY Activity

This DIY activity allows educators to explore CAST’s UDL Guidelines through an easily assembled wheel. Simply print the PDF, cut out both layers of the template, and attach as shown with a round safety pin.

Young Asian woman sitting at a table at home, writing a letter.

Requesting an Evaluation for Special Education Services for Your Child

If you wish to request an evaluation for your child, you must send a written request to the child’s principal or local special education administrator. If you need assistance writing a request for evaluation for your child, Maryland Learning Links has drafted a template for your reference.

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Making Sense Episode 12: Gross Motor Skills

Who doesn’t want to make a game out of learning? The activities in today’s Making Sense are not only perfect for practicing gross motor skills, but they make for fun games and good exercise. Try making an obstacle course that incorporates running, walking, and jumping that works for your child’s mobility needs! Watch More ‘Making […]

Tourette Awareness Month 2018

Students of all ages shared their stories as part of the National Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month on social media to help raise awareness about the neurological disorder, which usually becomes evident in early childhood or adolescence.

A red handicapped figure with a laptop is surrounded by a bright blue circle. Below the circle reads "section 508 compliant" in large black letters.

Section 508: Ensuring Equal Access to Information on Digital Devices

508 compliance refers to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which applies to all federal agencies “when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology. Under Section 508, agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others.” For […]

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Making Sense Episode 10: Slime Recipes

Need a slime recipe that’s safer for kids? Try this recipe in today’s episode of Making Sense. Just like the sensory tubs, the possibilities for customizing your slime are limited only by your child’s imagination! Watch More ‘Making Sense’

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Making Sense Episode 9: Sensory Tubs

The only limit to sensory tubs are your child’s imagination. Try exploring around your home with your child for items to include in a bin. What themes did you come up with? Watch More ‘Making Sense’

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Making Sense Episode 8: Handwriting

Even in an age full of typing and technology, handwriting skills are as important as ever. The tips in today’s episode of Making Sense can help children learn how to regulate their hand pressure and increase their hand control when writing.