Wheelchairs are an example of assistive technology.

Assistive technology (AT) is any device or program that helps an individual do what they cannot on their own. This could be as sophisticated as a text-to-speech app or as simple as a pencil grip.

Maryland Assistive Technology Network (MATN) connects educators, families, and leaders interested in the effective use of assistive, accessible and everyday technology to benefit of diverse learners and individuals with a variety of needs.

This vibrant network strives to help support individual’s learning and independence through the exchange of ideas, questions and recommendations from educators, families, researchers, leaders and policy makers around technology tools, services, and processes.

MATN is a service of the Johns Hopkins University, Center for Technology in Education (JHU CTE). MATN membership is free and open to all. To discover what MATN has to offer, explore some of its many tools, information, and opportunities below or on the MATN website.


Developed by the JHU CTE, the JHU AT Cycle includes a five-step AT Consideration Process leads IEP teams systematically through considering assistive technology for students with disabilities.

mATchup Tool

The mATch up Tool provides information on low-, mid-, and high-tech devices for meeting the unique needs of students. The tool was designed with a variety of users in mind, including teachers, parents, administrators, and in some cases, students themselves.

Institutes and Webinar Series

MATN offers a variety of trainings, institutes, and webinars throughout the year on current trends in assistive and accessible technology. Through these events, educators, families, and educational leaders come together to learn about the latest information and advancements in technology aimed at supporting learners and individuals with diverse needs.

MATN Professional Learning Network Community

Explore our resources below and join our Community Group to discuss MATN institutes, webinars, and other topics with colleagues and families.

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