While mental illnesses are not always immediately identifiable, treating and accommodating for a child’s mental health is just as important as doing so for their physical health.

Children’s Mental Health Matters! is a Maryland public awareness campaign that highlights the importance of children’s mental health. The campaign features more than a week of events, workshops, media, outreach, and other awareness-raising activities during Mental Health Month.

Children's Mental Health Matters! A drawing with a yellow background depicts a net reaching for a butterfly beneath the words "Your Struggle is part of your story!"

May is Mental Health Month, with Children’s Mental Health Week falling the week of May 6-12. Schools and organizations in Maryland are encouraged to participate in the Children’s Mental Health Matters! campaign as school or community champions. Learn more and register here:

Info for School Champions | Info for Community Champions

Signs of Mental Illness

While signs and symptoms will vary, the Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD) has identified the following general symptoms of mental illness:

  • Does poorly in school
  • Gets into fights constantly
  • Worries all the time
  • Maintains patterns of repetitive activity, and these actions interfere with school attendance, sleep, or appetite
  • Frequently worries about death
  • Never seems to laugh or smile
  • Has trouble making friends because of aggressive or frightening behavior
  • Can’t stay with one activity as long as other children
  • Doesn’t seem to listen to instructions
  • Acts without thinking
  • Uses drugs or alcohol
  • Displays behavior that should have been outgrown, like clinging, wetting, or soiling
  • Displays sexual behavior that is more than normal curiosity
  • Repeatedly plays with fire
  • Is cruel to animals
  • Hears voices or sees things that aren’t there

If you notice a child or teenager exhibiting these signs and symptoms, this guide from MHAMD provides advice on taking the first steps toward seeking help.

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