Apps for Special Needs (Archives)

  • One Voice turns an iphone or ipad into an augmented and alternative communication device. It requires no training and can be used by people of most ages. Relying on images on the touch screen, users build sentences to communicate. The app lets users upload their own pictures to use as icons.
  • A simple but powerful app, That’s How I Feel, uses brightly colored and easy to understand illustrations to help children express their feelings. The app is easy to use. Designed with a traffic light in mind, the app uses three primary colors to express different emotions. The app contains children’s most powerful feelings. Simple voice recordings convey appropriate intonation for each feeling on That’s How I Feel.
  • Speech Trainer 3D uses exciting 3D animations to give amazing detailed demonstrations of the correct positioning of the tongue, lips, and mouth for speech production. This great visual tool is designed to help individuals to practice every sound in the English language, including vowels and consonants. It works on all Apple-based mobile devices including: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • According to many speech therapists, difficulties with /r/ is one of the most common challenges that many students with speech needs face. /R/ Intensive is an app designed to help students practice production of this crucial phoneme. Using a phonetic approach, this app is the only tool in the market that allows you to practice the production of the /r/ phoneme and tally the percentage of accuracy. It works on all apple based mobile devices including: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Expressionist is a communication app that helps users express and model facial expressions. The app, developed by Adastrasoft, uses a playful cartoon character to help users understand and model expressions for a wide range of emotions, senses, and actions. The app is intuitive and requires no training prior to use.
  • Smarty Ears provides a wide range of educational apps for special education, speech-language pathologists, teacher and parents. The products are developed under the guidance of a licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologist and strive to apply evidence from current research in product development. See if this collection of apps has something for you.