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Assistant State Superintendent’s Advisory Council

Assistant State Superintendent’s Advisory Council

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services (DSE/EIS) is committed to its mission to provide leadership, support and accountability for results to local school systems, public agencies, and stakeholders. To meet this commitment, the DSE/EIS Assistant State Superintendent convenes an advisory council, comprised of local Special Education and Early Intervention leaders from across the State. The advisory council engages in robust deliberations with the Assistant State Superintendent regarding Federal, State and local factors that ultimately impact results for children with disabilities and their families. Advisory council participation rotates annually, or at alternate intervals, in order to accommodate participation of interested leaders from all Maryland jurisdictions.


  1. Elizabeth Anthony, Director of Special Education, CAROLINE County Public Schools
  2. Paula Boykin, Supervisor of Birth–5 Programs, BALTIMORE County Public Schools
  3. Sarah Farr, Director of Special Education, CECIL County Public Schools
  4. Christina Harris, Director of Special Education, CALVERT County Public Schools
  5. Bobbi Pedrick, Director of Special Education, ANNE ARUNDEL County Public Schools
  6. Mariam Robins, Coordinator of Special Education, WASHINGTON County Public Schools
  7. Nicholas Shockney, Director of Special Education, CARROLL County Public Schools
  8. Rae Ann Record, Director of Special Education, WORCESTER County Public Schools


The Assistant State Superintendent’s Advisory Council is staffed by:

Sherea M. Makle
Communications Manager
Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services 
Maryland State Department of Education 
200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201-2595  
410-767-0943 voice