The “You” in UDL

Watch the Universal Dancers for Learning as they sing and dance their way to showing how UDL can work in your classroom.   Universal Design for Learning is all about flexibility and giving teachers and students lots of options. The more on ramps there are to a highway, the more likely everyone will be able […]

Self-Determination Assessments Secondary Transition. A teenage girl riding a bus wears headphones and looks at her cellphone, smiling.

Secondary Transition Toolkit: Self-Determination Assessments

Self-Determination Assessments help your students prepare to be self-advocates by identifying how self-determined they are and identify ways to become more self-determined. We encourage you to use these assessments as well as transition assessments from other sources to gather and organize information on your students in order to prepare them for a seamless transition from […]

A screenshot of the second page of the UDL DIY Activity.

UDL DIY Activity

This DIY activity allows educators to explore CAST’s UDL Guidelines through an easily assembled wheel. Simply print the PDF, cut out both layers of the template, and attach as shown with a round safety pin.

A teenage girl sits with two adults, looking over documents and writing on them. IFSP and IEP Meetings

52 Tips for Successful IFSP and IEP Meetings

Maryland Learning Links has compiled 52 tips to help families and service providers alike hold successful and smooth IFSP and IEP meetings. One tip each week will be shared on the Maryland Learning Links Facebook and Twitter pages, and the tips will also be listed below throughout the year for your reference.

Making Sense Video Series Logo

Making Sense Episode 12: Gross Motor Skills

Who doesn’t want to make a game out of learning? The activities in today’s Making Sense are not only perfect for practicing gross motor skills, but they make for fun games and good exercise. Try making an obstacle course that incorporates running, walking, and jumping that works for your child’s mobility needs! Watch More ‘Making […]

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month May 15-June 15

Tourette Awareness Month 2018

Students of all ages shared their stories as part of the National Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month on social media to help raise awareness about the neurological disorder, which usually becomes evident in early childhood or adolescence.