Attendees gather around a round table in discussion.

Everyone Has Something to ADD! Teaching mathematics to students with significant cognitive disabilities

The Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services, under the leadership of Marcella E. Franczkowski, recently hosted “Everyone Has Something to ADD!” with national expert Dr. Jenny Root. After the conference, Nancy Schmitt interviewed Dr. Root to explore the central themes of her presentation. 

Title screen of webinar presenation: Maryland's Early Childhood Intervention and Education System Personnel Standards

New Personnel Standards Guide and Webinar for Maryland’s Early Childhood Intervention Education System – Effective July 1, 2019

This webinar and Draft Personnel Standards Guide take a closer look at the new Personnel Standards for Maryland’s Early Childhood Intervention Education System. These standards are part of the State’s revised comprehensive system of personnel development to ensure a consistent base of knowledge by establishing a universal onboarding/orientation process along with an ongoing training plan […]

MSDE Team Photo at the Cool Schools Plunge 2019

Franczkowski Addresses Attendees at the 10th Annual Polar Plunge Cool Schools Challenge

An unusually rainy, windy January day did nothing to deter young Polar Plunge-goers at the 2019 Maryland State Police Polar Plunge Cool Schools Challenge, held at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, Maryland. On Thursday, January 24th, students from across Maryland braved the cold Bay in support of Special Olympics Maryland. Assistant State Superintendent Marcella […]

6 Ways to Advocate for Your Child - transcript of infographic below

Infographic: Advocating for Your Child

Tip #26: Parents: You have a voice and a critical decision-making role throughout the whole special education process. You know your child best–be sure to ask questions and never stop advocating for your child in a professional, productive way.

Two Asian parents cradle their baby and look lovingly at him. IFSP meeting

What Should I Prepare for My Child’s IFSP Meeting?

Make the most of your annual IFSP meeting. Be ready to discuss your family’s everyday routines and activities, how your child and your family function within those routines and activities, and your concerns and priorities.