Maryland Assistive Technology Network Webinar Series

Starting on April 6, three brand new webinars from MATN will focus on dyslexia in the classroom. Registration is now open! 


Maryland Special Education Parent Involvement Survey

Please take five minutes to complete this survey to let us know how your child's school partners with you. The survey is available through May 1, 2017.

Top 5 Questions to Ask an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists’ have a unique skill set to provide support and enhance your child’s participation in school.  Their ideas can be applied at home to help with homework, self-care and other daily routines.

The "You" in UDL

Watch the Universal Dancers for Learning as they sing and dance their way to showing how UDL can work in your classroom!

Crab on a beach

Meet Our Crabby Tour Guide

We love Maryland so much that we asked our crabby friend to give us a tour of the state's five regions. Enjoy the trip!

Young female student using mobile device

Digital Games

Ways digital learning games help prepare students for the future.

Our Mission


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