MAAPP Programs  

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MAAPP Programs

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Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Programs (MAAPP) are designed to meet the staffing needs of Maryland school districts, while providing the convenience necessary to attract experienced, diverse individuals to the classroom. Many school districts offer alternative preparation, some in partnership with two-year or four-year colleges or other private providers, such as The New Teacher Project or Teach For America. Guidelines with standards and evaluation tools are available to local school systems and provide a structured approach for developing an alternative preparation program.


Key components of an alternative preparation program are:

 • Recruitment and Screening

A candidate must meet basic entry requirements, including:

• a bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.75 GPA in the area for which certification is sought;
• a passing score on a basic skills or Praxis I test, or an accepted score on the SAT, GRE, or ACT;
• a passing score on the Praxis II or ACTFL content test; and
• strong performance in a structured interview


Pre-Employment Training

The MAAPP’s candidate receives classroom instruction and management training necessary to begin the school year as a teacher of record. This training includes fundamental instruction in lesson planning, student assessment, and the first of the state-required reading courses. Upon successful completion of pre-employment training, a candidate interns for four to eight weeks under the daily supervision of a master teacher.


Each candidate begins a period of one to two years as a teacher of record and is fully compensated. During residency, each candidate is paired with a mentor teacher.

Maryland State Department of Education provides close technical assistance and advisement throughout the entire MAAPP program. At the end of a successful residency, the candidate is eligible for the Standard Professional Certificate, earning full professional licensure that is mobile across states.

Alternative preparation programs offer pathways and opportunity to bring talented and deeply committed individuals into the teaching profession. For more information about Teacher Certification, visit or contact the Certification Assistance Line (1-866-772-8922).