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Dr. Elizabeth Berquist, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Towson University, as she shares her insights into Universal Design for Learning (UDL).   Click here to read our edited interview. 

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Brain Mush

As summer vacation comes to an end, Chris Swanson of the Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education reminds parents and caregivers to be engaged with their children as they use tablets, apps and games.  His latest blog post is here.

Apps for Everyday

Beeline Reader is a uniqe new technology that can help students and adults with dyslexia, ADD and vision difficulties to read faster on computers, tablets and smartphones.  This simple plug in color codes words to help reduce line transition errors and improve speed and accuracy in reading.

Marcella E. Franczkowski at ESSMHC

Marcella E. Franczkowski will speak to the the Eastern Shore School Mental Health Coalition (ESSMHC) at its meeting on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. Ms. Franczkowski will share leadership practices to support the Coalition to look at its goals and resources going forward, support their Leadership Committee with one of its goals of building alliances with other regions in Maryland. For additional information, contact Nancy Feeley in the MSDE Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services at Nancy.Feeley@maryland.gov.



Inclusive Early Childhood Education Online Training Series

MCIE, in partnership with Brookes Publishing, offers an online training series on inclusive early childhood education. The 5-part series features authors who work in the area of early childhood special education. During the one-hour interactive sessions, presenters highlight strategies from their books and provide insights on how to help young children be successful in inclusive settings. The series kicks off October 27th with a presentation by Sarika S. Gupta, Ph.D. on First Steps to Preschool Inclusion: How to Jumpstart Your Programwide Plan.

Learn more and register for the series or a single session: Inclusive Early Childhood Education Online Training Series


Digital Games are for Learning

Well-designed digital learning games can be powerful tools because they tap into something children love in order to help prepare them for the world beyond the classroom.  Click here to watch our latest media piece about digital games and the ways they engage and motivate students.




The Importance of Good Behavior

Behavior isn’t an academic subject like Math or English, but any educator or family member will tell you that children’s behavior has a huge impact on their lives both in the classroom and at home. Click here to watch our new media piece and learn more about strategies for teaching this often “hidden” skill.



Network of Resources

If you are a parent or guardian of a child with disabilities or if you know one and want to offer assistance, check out our list of resources covering topics from respite care to housing and supports to transportation.  If you have suggestions to help us expand the list, please be sure to send them to info@marylandlearninglinks.org. 




October 30 and November 5: MATN Webinar Series, Apps to Support a Successful Transition, 3-4pm each date.  Sign up information will be posted after September 18.

October 27 3-4 pm: MCIE Training Series features Sari S. Gupta, Ph.D., First Steps to Preschool Inclusion: How to Jumpstart Your Programwide Plan


November 12-14: Division of Special Education and Early Intervention Professional Learning Institute, Ocean City, Maryland.

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