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Dr. Karen Greeley, Physical Therapy Team Leader at Baltimore County Public Schools, who is very passionate about helping all children to get active.  Click here to read our interview. 

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Changing the Look and Feel of Early Childhood Assessment

Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D, of B2K Solutionsâ„  Ltd, shares her thoughts about how, when educators conduct an assessment, children can be interested, engaged, and experience joy, not stress, confusion, or a desire to run away. Her latest blog post is here. 

Apps for Everyday

Dexteria offers therapeutic hand exercises that may help improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

Watch our latest media piece about the important work of occupational and physical therapists in schools. Click here to learn about their unique approaches to working with children with disabilities, their teachers and their family members.



The Importance of Coaches and Mentors

As the school year opens and many new teachers enter classrooms, it is important to remember the important role that coaches and mentors can play in their success.   Teacher mentoring is a formal, designed process in which experienced teachers share what they know with teachers who have very little or no experience. The experienced teacher can also benefit from receiving mentoring around a new set of challenges. Whatever the specific situation, mentoring is always about one teacher sharing knowledge and experience with another teacher to help him or her grow as a professionaleducation process. Click here to learn more.



Take a Moment to Get to Know......

All across Maryland, and elsewhere, are amazing teachers, program directors and artists who are helping to make the lives of children with emotional and physical disabilities better in many ways.  All of these people are the embodiment of dedication. They work hard, putting in long hours, and are constantly educating themselves and refining their own practice because, as you’ll discover, they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Click here to read their stories.



Network of Resources

If you are a parent or guardian of a child with disabilities or if you know one and want to offer assistance, check out our list of resources covering topics from respite care to housing and supports to transportation.  If you have suggestions to help us expand the list, please be sure to send them to info@marylandlearninglinks.org. 




August 28: DSE/EIS Statewide Birth-21 Special Education and Early Intervention Leadership Teleconference , 9-11am.

September 18: MATN Fall 2014 Institute at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus, 9am-3pm:   Implementation Collaborative of MATN Members: Maximizing Capacity in Educators and SchoolsClick here to register.

October 1, October 30 and November 5: MATN Webinar Series, Apps to Support a Successful Transition, 3-4pm each date.  Sign up information will be posted after September 18.

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