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Rocco Aiello, the Coordinator of Adapted Physical Education and Corollary Sports in St. Mary's County, who shares his passion for sports that include all children.  Click here for the full story.

Latest Blogs

Changing the Look and Feel of Early Childhood Assessment

Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D, of B2K Solutionsâ„  Ltd, shares her thoughts about how, when educators conduct an assessment, children can be interested, engaged, and experience joy, not stress, confusion, or a desire to run away. Her latest blog post is here. 

Apps for Everyday

Learn with Rufus is an Android app that helps young children learn facial expressions that correspond to feelings and emotions including happy, sad, angry, surprised and afraid.

Version 10 of the Maryland Online IEP Launches!

Assistant State Superintendent, Marcella E. Franczkowski launched Version 10 of the Maryland Online IEP (MOIEP) at two-day summer Professional Learning Institutes for teams from all Local School System and Public Agencies who are users and administrators of the MOIEP.  Ms. Franczkowski noted how new features like real-time progress monitoring, intervention tracking, and improved data displays make Version 10 of the IEP, built in partnership with the Johns Hopkins University, Center for Technology in Education, a cutting-edge tool that makes Maryland a leader in the nation in moving beyond compliance toward instructional decision-making designed to close the gaps for children and students with developmental delays and disabilities.



Network of Resources

If you are a parent or guardian of a child with disabilities or if you know one and want to offer assistance, check out our list of resources covering topics from respite care to housing and supports to transportation.  If you have suggestions to help us expand the lsit, please be sure to send them to info@marylandlearninglinks.org. 


World of Care

Get to know Sharon Holloway-Gentemann, Program Director of World of Care, a medical care facility for children with complex health issues. Learn about their unique approach to serving children with disabilities and their family members.


Everyday Arts for Special Education

Education Week covers the story of this unique program which is designed to help children with severe cognitive and behavioral needs.  Researchers are finding that the program, which trains teachers to bring arts-related activities and techniques into the classroom, has succeeded in improving elementary students' academic, socialization, and communication skills.  Click here to read the story.



Summer 2014: MSDE and MPT Thinkport PD classes are now available for registration. Click here to download the schedule of courses.

Erikson Institute Webinar: "Engaging Families to Expand Early Learning Opportunities: How Can Technology Help?", August 21 at 1pm. Click here for more details about this free event.

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