Making Access Happen  

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Making Access Happen

Universal Design for Young Children

Making Access Happen, a collaboration between the Maryland State Department of Education and the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, is designed to increase the participation of three- to five-year-old children with disabilities in public and private community-based early care and education programs. Making Access Happen works by providing teachers and service providers with job embedded professional learning opportunities. At the heart of expanding access is the development of a practitioner’s skills in reflective coaching, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, and collaborative practices to narrow the school readiness gaps. Making Access Happen provides customized, sustainable, universal support for early care and education programs and services.

Thanks to the leadership in the Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Special Education and Early Intervention Services, early care and education practitioners throughout Maryland will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and to develop skills for implementation of evidence-based inclusive practices addressing the State’s goal to narrow the school readiness gap for young children with disabilities. Read on to learn more about how the Making Access Happen project is being delivered in Maryland and the soon-to-be available online resources to support and sustain the professional learning outcomes (click to download the Making Access Happen brief).

State-level project team members include: Dr. Linda Tsantis, Dr. Beth Boyle and Mary Hendricks from the John Hopkins University School of Education and Dr. Pam Miller, Nancy Vorobey, and Tracy Jost from the Maryland State Department of Education.

This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education as part of the Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Grant.

Video Resources


A Making Access Happen message from Marcella Franczkowski, Assistant State Superintendent, Division of Special Education/Early Intervention


Making Access Happen
This video message provides an overview of Making Access Happen and how this project is aligned with the overall strategic plan in the Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services.  The Making Access Happen project is currently working with selected Maryland jurisdictions and is scheduled to roll out this project to all MD jurisdictions by the end of 2015. Click here to view the Making Access Happen Regional Rollout Webinar conducted in March 2014.

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