Co-Teaching Tools and Resources  

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Co-Teaching Tools and Resources 

So what’s at the core of co-teaching? You could conceivably get quite a few different answers to that question (and to numerous other questions around the subject of co-teaching). That’s why it’s so important to have guidance that creates a common language regarding co-teaching, specifies collaborative roles in school systems and schools, and provides targeted criteria to help guide thinking and work in this area. The Maryland’s Co-Teaching Framework is just such a tool.  Download it here.


Here’s the Framework’s vision statement for co-teaching:


“General and special educators have gained capacity to regularly collaborate and have joint accountability and ownership and planning, delivering instruction and assessment for the success of all students in the general education curriculum resulting in systemic change that is sustainable.”


How does the Framework propose to make that vision a reality? Largely by identifying structures and roles and responsibilities for collaboration among school system central office staff, school-based administrators and teachers related to the implementation of effective co-teaching practices.  In collaboration with local school systems, the State offers tools, resources, and training that can help teachers and administrators bring high-quality, data-based, consistent co-teaching practices to their classrooms. The Framework provides an overview of essential components needed for successful implementation of co-teaching.


Additional tools that can support your work

  • Understanding the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework is an archived webinar 12 minutes in length that provides a brief overview of the framework. Please have the Framework in hand as you view it
  • The Maryland Co-Teaching Reflection Tool is for teachers to self assess where their co-teaching team performs on a continuum of co-teaching implementation strategies — either initiating, developing or sustaining. The tool can be used to facilitate co-teaching partner conversation, as well as provide the opportunity to develop an action plan and identify professional development needs. Use Part One to self-assess your co-teaching team’s collaborative planning. Use Part Two to self-assess your co-teaching team’s instructional delivery. Use Part Three for collaborative reflection and action planning with your co-teaching partner.
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By Teachers for Teachers

Teacher candidates at Towson University have created a guide, Effective Co-Teaching Practices, to share with other pre- and in-service teachers.  Click here to download the PDF.


PD to GO:  Overview of the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework


Listen to this webinar that describes the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework as a tool designed to clarify effective co-teaching implementation. 


Enhance Co-Teaching Practices Through Dialogue with Adminstrators.


Download these tools to guide teacher reflection about co-teaching: Strategic Visit Guide and Guiding Questions to Support the Strategic Visit Guide.


From the Field
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Baltimore County teachers share their secrets to co-teaching approaches.